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Send 1 Song For Professional Song Review


 1 Of The Songs I Produced For Tank & Chris Brown Called Foreplay


  • 1 Beat
  • Tracked Out Files
  • Song Critique 
  • Production Services (Audio Critique, suggestions, Vocal production)


  • 3 Beats
  • Production Service
  • Tracked Out Files
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • 30 Min Mastermind Session with me
  • 1 Beat Revision 
  • Marketing Plan

BONUS  PACKAGE #3 – 5,000$

  • 5 Beats
  • Production Service
  • Tracked Out Files
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • 1 Hour Mastermind
  • Marketing Plan (Social media, videos, generate fan base)
  • Send songs to A&R’s (Possibly to sign you)
  • Submit to TV&Film For Placement
  • Create A Sound From Scratch For You
  • 3 Beat Revisions Per Beat
  • 5 Days Promotional Campaign
  • Video ( Every song needs a visual)

SUPERSTAR PACKAGE – Full Project     10,000$

  • Everything included in package 3
  • We can work together in the studio
  • Setup dates, when we can collaborate







Download Hip Hop Instrumentals For Different Purposes

 Have you tried to download hip hop instrumentals? Hip Hop Instrumentals can make or break a song. You will hate a song if the instrumentals do not match the emotion or the message that the instrumental wishes to evoke. But you will love it once everything fits perfectly. Simply put, a song cannot be complete without instrumentals. You may know how to play the piano, but a good song also needs the beat of the drum and other types of beats. This is what instrumentals are for. Here are some of the most common uses for hip hop instrumentals.

Download Radio Rap Beats For Songsdownload hip hop instrumentals

The first purpose of instrumentals is for songs. You can use instrumentals to change the tempo of a certain song or to change its mood. You can also mix certain instrumentals to form a unique song. But I don’t advise that you use beats for your song’s melody. After all, a song is only as good as its melody. Make the melody as unique as possible so that people will only associate you with your creation. After all, you do not want to create a song that will only remind them of other songs. You want to make it as unique as possible. Download hip hop instrumentals using our beat store!

Download Radio Rap Beats For Video Scores

In the same way, you can also use instrumentals for video scores. If you take a look at some videos or recordings, music is a vital part of it. Even movies are changed through instrumentals. It evokes emotion. It tells the viewers what to feel. It can make them feel happy and it can also make them feel sad. It can also make them feel frightened or worried. That is how instrumentals change a video from an apathetic one to a good one.

Download hip hop instrumentals here!

Download Hip Hop Instrumentals For Ringtones

In the same way, you can also use instrumentals for ringtones. You see, the mobile phone industry is flourishing. It allows people to contact each other no matter what the distance. It keeps people connected. In the same way, personality can also be expressed in the mobile phone. This is why a lot of people are looking for customized ringtones. Usually, they have a different ringtone for their alarm, their calls and their texts. It is a way for a person to express himself. hip hop instrumentals Download Hip Hop Instrumentals For Websites Also, websites can also make use of instrumentals. As a matter of fact, websites can evoke emotion and entice people to buy with the sheer use of instrumentals. I remember a photographer and wedding website that has instrumentals in the background. It captures the emotions of the images and the event. It is perfect. With this, I can say that instrumentals can also enhance a website. As you can see, instrumentals have a lot of uses. In fact, they are so useful that people cannot get enough of them. Now, you can download hip hop instrumentals online. You just need to join beat communities like Soundclick or search for beat makers for MySpace. It is that easy. The power of technology is really that amazing. Now you can buy your beats and create your music online.